8d Problem Solving Technique

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For instance, if you fix one piece of equipment, but the same problem could occur on several other machines, the corrective action was not sustainable.At this step, you’ll want to consider actions such as: After all that work, don’t forget to recognize the team.Defining the problem could mean a to observe the problem on the shop floor, analyzing quality data and/or using is/is-not analysis to more precisely define the issue.

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It’s a tool that’s stood the test of time, becoming the main problem-solving method used in the company, today called Global 8D.

Even though the 8D approach has been around for more than thirty years, many companies still struggle with ineffective problem-solving and weak implementation of corrective action.

Beyond simply generating hypotheses, you need to verify the root cause with key stakeholders, audits and/or statistical data when possible.

After your team has determined the root cause of the problem, you’re now in a position to identify what the best long-term solution is.

Management needs to be an active participant in verifying implementation of corrective actions.

That means they need to be a visible presence both on the shop floor and in regular reviews of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure effectiveness.

This overview looks at 8D best practices and pitfalls to avoid, helping manufacturers better understand how to use the method to address nonconformances and reduce risk.

Before you take any action to solve the problem, you need a plan to identify the appropriate people and resources for the job.

The structured approach provides transparency, drives a team approach, and increases the chance of solving the problem.

Also known as Statistical Quality Control (SQC) or control charts.


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