8d Problem Solving Template

As with any problem-solving project, the chance of success is greatly enhanced if you prepare first, jumping straight in without knowing the facts is likely to result in reduced success.Ok so let’s look at how we produce an 8d report in Excel.

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You can see the 8D template below: Let’s cover each section – I’ll include screen-shots showing the columns/rows so you can copy and create your own.Section b) – Interim containment actions & Root Cause Analysis This section captures interim actions via a table (I’ve included spaces for 10 actions but again you could expand as required).For the root cause analysis out of personal choice I’ve used a table to capture the 5 Why (together with a notes block at the bottom of the section).* They have a structure (a regimented process to follow) * They use data and facts and root cause analysis to drive the process rather than supposition and guesswork.* They make problem-solving (and remedy) as efficient as possible * They support better selection and implementation of the final corrective action.Here at we love tools that help us solve business problems ( if you’re the same you might like to take a look at our A3 Problem Solving Template or our Kaizen Card Template) We believe that if you choose to follow a standard process for resolving problems the battle is already half won, I’ve lost count of the businesses I’ve seen who approach this sort of thing ad-hoc with each problem being targeted with a unique process/perspective with ahem….varying results.So, standard methodology/consistency wins every time, especially where the audience is one that is multi-disciplined (i.e.In the checklist I’ve included things like an FMEA, procedure update etc, this is personal preference but I like the use of a tick box here as it ensures the user follows some sort of process to go an update documentation or other following the “fix” being implemented.For the project closure section, I’ve used merged cells to create a text box for free text entry.While it’s often called an 8d report, 8d is, in fact, a methodology.There is an 8d process where the report (the 8d report) is the output.


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