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So, to the actual text of Martin Luther's challenge, I will add just a couple paragraphs of historical context and an explanation of each thesis.It is often thought that Martin Luther was protesting the Roman Catholic Church in the 95 theses, or that much of his Reformation theology is espoused in them. Martin Luther was a good Catholic when he posted his debate challenge, and the topic was purely the subject of "indulgences," and more specifically the abuse and sale of indulgences.Indulgences were increasingly taking the place of both contrition and confession in the penance process. Martin Luther, John Knox, John Calvin, Louis Berkhof, R. Sproul, John Stott, and more—Reformers past and present are well-represented in this historic bundle.

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It may have been very much different in Luther's time.)The attempt here is to divorce the penalty of sin from any penance prescribed by a priest.

In the arguments that follow, he will tie the penalty of sin to repentance and hatred of self rather than to a penance that the Church can prescribe are take away.

What was really happening in the heart of the person? For Luther, the concern was pastoral: Were people putting their trust for forgiveness in a purchased document?

I posted Martin Luther's 95 theses on this site long ago, but not everyone understands either the context or the meaning of the theses.

Here are six facts you probably didn’t know about Martin Luther and his 95 theses, all drawn from Dr.

Jennifer Mc Nutt’s Mobile Ed course Milestones of the Protestant Reformation.

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It’s tempting to imagine Martin Luther striding to the doors of Wittenburg Church, hammer and nails in hand, emboldened to break his silence and at last declare his outrage at the abuses of Church leadership. However, many modern Christians don’t realize just how run-of-the-mill Luther’s act was.

On October 31, 1517, a completely ordinary event occurred: An obscure monk named Martin Luther, teaching at the New University in Wittenberg, watched a debate in the customary manner of a university professor.

With academic freedom, he nailed his to the local church door, in accordance with the current scholarly practice and in the accepted scholarly language of Latin.


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