A Noiseless Patient Spider Thesis

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Organic structure is easily discernable in Whitman's products, where the forms are innovative.

Whitman's poems do not follow established patterns in their composition, nor do the beginnings create rigid molds which would bind their own nether parts.

"A Noiseless, Patient Spider", is marked by its use of juxtaposition and extended metaphor.

Unlike a metaphor, juxtaposition does not substitute one thing for the other, but depends entirely on the proximity of the two objects to infer their relationship.

"The freshness of a poem," Frost believed, "belongs absolutely to its not having been thought out and then set to verse" (Symbol 26).

In doing so would bind the poet to a fatal compromise, one analogous to composing music to accommodate a pre-selected set of lyrics. Middle Form, in accordance, would be derived from inspiration.

The "loving crops from the birth, life, death, immortality, I plant so lovingly now" mark his liberation from the confines of the past as it projects him into a perpetual state of remembrance.

As such, both Frost and Whitman's poems seem to end in deliberate ambiguity.

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