Absenteeism Dissertation

Sick leave comprised 62.4% of all absences while personal leave accounted for 22.6%. Elementary and secondary teachers had almost identical rates.Married teachers had lower rates of absence than single, divorced, or widowed teachers.

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Larger districts experienced higher rates of absence than smaller ones.

Districts which required teachers to call their principals had lower rates than those which did not.

Districts which permitted accumulation of personal leave did not have a higher usage of personal leave.

Those districts which required proof of illness had a higher rate of absence than those which did not while districts which permitted administrative discretion regarding proof of illness had the lowest rate.

Finally, age, degree and certification were predictors of student achievement in language and mathematics.

The study concludes with recommendations for future research.School year 2012—2013 yearly assessment scores for 3 grade students in 1 school district in the State of Mississippi were analyzed to determine if teachers' rate of absenteeism, age, gender, years of teaching experience, degree and certification influenced student academic achievement.This study was guided by 5 research questions and employed 2 research designs.Regarding age and experience, rates first declined, staying lower for teachers in the middle brackets before rising again as age and experience increased.Teachers whose entire career had been spent in the same district experienced higher rates than those who had taught elsewhere prior to their present district.The results point to a complex and nuanced relationship among factors linked to school attendance, such as individual child and parent characteristics, transportation, food security, and after- school programs.This study examined the relationship between teacher absenteeism and teacher characteristics on third through eighth grade achievement as measured by the Mississippi Curriculum Test 2 (MCT2) language arts and mathematics assessment.Fridays had the highest daily rate followed by Mondays.March had the highest monthly rate followed by May and December.Greatest use of sick leave was in March while the greatest use of personal leave occurred in May.Education COFFMAN, ROBERT WILLIAM, "TEACHER ABSENTEEISM: A STUDY OF SELECTED FACTORS IN SCHOOL DISTRICTS OF THE SOUTH PENN SCHOOL STUDY COUNCIL, GROUP D (PENNSYLVANIA)" (1983).


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