Academic Dishonesty Essay

Academic Dishonesty Essay-15
As a result, dishonest people live their educational lives lying to others.

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Therefore, it is a virtue, which should be instilled in students by every learning institution, as they lay a foundation and plant seeds for the brighter future.

Dishonesty is a habit that can blur someone to attaining his or her set goals in education.

When one is learning, it is a key responsibility of this individual to do his or her best in order to attain the desired goals.

Dishonesty and the lack of integrity only paint a fake image of this person’s capability.

In this context, it is fundamental for teachers in learning institutions to give their best training to bring up reliable and honest people in the society.

Stealing has been closely associated with dishonesty in the past.These two vices go hand in hand and contribute remarkably to changing a person’s habit.For instance, plagiarism is one of the most common features of dishonesty.Similarly, those studying at from such institutions become victims of their own circumstances and lead a failing life before the public.Additionally, it is worthwhile noting that dishonest students portray the same bad habit, even in their homes (Caruana, Ramaseshan, & Ewing, 2000).Students often copy each other’s works or assignments.To some extent, students go ahead to have outsiders take exams in absentia (at a certain fee for the one doing an exam).However, the effect of having such a vice comes up, when one is caught or fails to succeed as expected. At this point, dishonesty is not a problem, but a resulting condition.Guilt can lead to other self-destructive thoughts that may destroy a student.These trends are observed especially in high school and college examinations.Students are not monitored well to practice integrity.


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