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You should be able to write a paper in your own words, or most of it in your own words and give credit to whatever isn’t yours.Part 2: Case Study #1: In Todd’s case, it is a form of scholastic dishonesty because, he used the same stuff from the last time for this newer assignment.Knowing that you can do the work by yourself clearly means that you understand what is being taught and you actually put in an effort to learn more.

Some ways the students violate academic integrity is when they cheat.

They look at someone else’s paper, or copy their work when they didn’t do it themselves.

It is regarded as an act of maintaining, avoiding, preventing, and giving disciplinary measures to honesty and appropriate actions in academic circumstances.

Academic integrity is important for several reasons.

College professors and college faculty want the students to be honest with their work they submit.

If they do it in their own words, then they know that the students are able to learn and understand the work taught to them. The more you grow in school also means you grow more as a person.When a person cheats, it shows that they haven’t really learned anything.They’re depending on someone else’s word to help them. They lose some respect for themselves and it bothers them until they confess but most people don’t own up to cheating unless they are caught.Employers are willing to hire graduates they believe that they are very personal and honest.They prefer to invest in the development of human capital that can have a positive impact on people and people who can trust to fulfill their mission.Morehead’s academic integrity/plagiarism policy is almost the same as every other college in the state.If we perform academic dishonesty here, then it is the professor’s decision on what the punishment should be.Many people may ask such questions: What is academic integrity?The office (nd) of the student's rights and responsibilities at the University of Missouri said, "Academic honesty is the determination and translation of values ​​and principles that are the core of the university's own mission, integrity, honesty, diligence, individuals and occupations Principles ".Both Alyssa and Miguel are at equal fault because she let him cheat, and instead of…The importance of academic integrity Scholarly completeness is always a major concern for many universities around the world.


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