Accents Over Capital Letters In Spanish

Spanish has an abundance of English cognates, that is words that have the same origin as English words and are frequently spelled similarly.

Does anyone know the convention for translating Spanish names into English.

Chicago style tables may use symbols in column headings, e.g., % or $. En caché - Similares--------------------------------------------------Note added at 31 mins (2009-09-14 GMT)-------------------------------------------------- Character... What is the rule for placing accents over capital letters in Romance languages?

Is it the same for French, Spanish, and Italian, or does each language have different requirements? The tendency to dispense with accents on capital letters does vary across languages.

Se podría alegar que puede ser un engorro para un anglohablante buscar cómo poner el acento, pero vamos a ver, Unicode se inventó hace tiempo y no es tan complicado ponerlos en cualquier procesador de textos.

Además, si los traductores no tenemos cuidado con este tipo de detalles, ¿quién lo va a tener? I think you need to keep the tilde, or (in my view, second best option) at least replace it with a y.

Hold down the "Alt" key while typing (using the numbers keys to the right of the keyboard) the three numbers in the "Windows" column of the chart then let up on the "Alt" key.

If you don't have a numbers keypad, hold down the "Fn" and "Alt" keys while typing the three numbers on the beveled front of the keys.

This applies to familiar accents, such as those found in French and Spanish, as well as to unfamiliar ones such as those found in transliterated languages.

Foreign words and phrases absorbed into English usually lose their accents but check the dictionary. For place names, follow the UN list (Names of Countries and Adjectives of Nationality) for countries and Times Atlas of the World for other geographic entities.


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