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Black History Is Frederick at a lectern Harriet along a railroad Rosa aboard a bus Martin amid a march Thurgood inside a courtroom Nine outside a schoolhouse Jackie at the ball diamond Mae beyond the Earth Barack atop the polls Use this minilesson to help your students write a list poem.

Many of the writers, artists, and political figures that drove African-American history did so by crafting powerful arguments.

Studying black history is an important way for many students to build their identity and understand the nature of race and race relations in the United States.

The essay topics in this lesson will help your students think deeply about black history.

Louis area from 1814 to 1860." The records are now housed in the Circuit Court's Record Center.

Part of the University of North Carolina's "Documenting the American South" series, this site "collects books and articles that document the individual and collective story of African Americans struggling for freedom and human rights in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries." Washington University in St. was a "proponent of abolition and a mouthpiece for the rhetoric of freedom" since its beginning in 1857, the editors have now provided online complete texts of articles by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Frederick Douglas, to complement Garry Will's article on Lincoln, thereby providing the text of three of the most effective prose writers of their time, and of the abolition movement.Inspire your students to explore black history and culture through writing.Present any of these engaging writing prompts in your middle school or high school classroom during Black History Month or beyond.Then ask your students to pretend that they are entertainment critics in New York City during this era.Explain that their editor (you) has assigned them to write a review of a special piece of art from the period.Kurtz, Assistant Archivist of the United States for Records Services.This web site, created by Kenyon College students under a NEH grant, describes the effects of northern migration on African-American culture.Have them choose between the following options, or allow them to seek other art and entertainment from the period: Use this minilesson to help your students write an arts and performance review.Help your students create list poems, which playfully explore a topic by listing people, places, things, or ideas. Advise students that list poems do not necessarily need to include rhythm or rhyme, but each word should be carefully chosen and memorable. Then ask students to write their own list poems based on the same title, or allow them to choose different topics related to Black History Month.It also offers a timeline of Douglass's life, a Douglass family tree, and links to the online texts of all three of Douglass's autobiographies.This hearing before the House Subcommittee on Government Management, Information, and Technology includes testimonies by NARA's African-American Genealogy Subject Area Specialist Reginald Washington and Dr.


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