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Put the paper under a faucet and water runs right off.

The ink doesn’t smudge, and the paper stays strong. It’s simple and effective, letting you write, draw and record in the great outdoors with no real regard to the elements overhead and passing by.

The company ( makes loose leaf paper, notebooks, bound journals, and logbooks for specific scenarios, including activities as far flung as geocaching, birding, avalanche forecasting, and police work. (Stephen Regenold writes The Gear Junkie column for eleven U.

Artists can go with the company’s All-Weather Sketchbook ($14.95), an 8.5×11-inch spiral-bound pad with 85 blank pages.

Pages in a Rite in the Rain notebook never cling together.

Ink or pencil lead easily transfers written word to page.Rite in the Rain was developed 80 years ago specifically for Pacific Northwest foresters who needed to document data in the field under our famous torrential rain conditions.Today, "Rite in the Rain" paper products are used by outdoor professionals and recreationists worldwide.I don't even want to touch my hand held computer when Ive been rained on because of an expensive and frustrating on-site lesson I once learned on how hand held computers and water don't mix. Rite in the Rain paper comes as copier paper, so you can print an inspection report checklist on it if you'd like.Instead I use Rite in the Rain paper to take notes in the rain. It is also available in loose leaf format, a large assortment of notebooks and in a variety of line and grid patterns.From the torrential downpours in the Pacific Northwest to the blistering heat and humidity of a Florida summer day, "Rite in the Rain" sheds water, so users can continue to write on it, even in a downpour.Using a pencil or an all-weather pen, "Rite in the Rain" ensures that your notes survive the rigors of the field.Pacforest Supply Company is a full service "Rite in the Rain" dealer. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call us TOLL FREE 1-877-736-5995 and we will get what you need!"Rite in the Rain" is a truly amazing paper created specifically for writing field notes outdoors in all weather conditions.For a small journal on a backpacking trip, I like the Sportsman’s Outdoor Log, a simple lined notebook with 50 pages that are 4×6 inches in size. Notebook covers for the company’s various products are made of flexible plastic or a cardboard-like hardcover material. Darling’s All-Weather Tactical Black Clicker Pen to accompany my weatherproof notebook. Pages are bound and sewn, stapled, or held on wire spiral. The .95 pen can write on wet paper, upside down, and in temperatures from minus-30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (just in case you land on Venus.) On Earth, Rite in the Rain products are used in situations ranging from Mount Everest basecamp to gorilla research encampments in the Congo.


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