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This flag, made for the veteran's camp, was found with the note: "This flag was purchased from the Kelly family. This rare reunion flag was found in an estate in Bergen County, New Jersey, along with a full dress uniform coat of a lieutenant of the 506th Regiment.

A famous subordinate command of this unit, E Company ("Easy Company"), 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division is the unit featured in the famed book "Band of Brothers" by author Stephen Ambrose, which was later made into an award winning classic television series by Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg.

My third graders were so proud of the flag that they made (with a little help from their teacher).

Although today the concept of writing on flags goes against our principles of flag etiquette, the practice of writing on flags for various reasons is an important aspect of flag history.

This particular flag is a small variant, but is embroidered with sewn stripes.

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Rest assured we are working diligently to resolve this issue.Typically, writing can be categorized into a few general categories: political writing, commemorative writing, and advertising.In all cases, the practice uses the image of the flag to connect patriotic sentiment with a cause or event.Of course, there is nothing better than designing your own cootie catcher and writing your own questions!Today we have an – there are two versions – one for you to print and write your own questions and one with a ready made American Falg Trivia Quiz.Our school had an amazing day celebrating the 200th Birthday of the Star Spangled Banner!We raised a new flag, sang every patriotic song imaginable, and were even on the local news.Martin Luther King delivered his eternally famous "I Have A Dream" speech."We Shall Overcome", the rallying cry of the early Civil Rights Movement, is printed in the canton.The uneven cut of the card shows the top of what appears to be the Canadian Red Ensign, a reminder of the international scope of the event. This fragile paper flag was packed and distributed along with Hop Bitters, a purportedly medicinal concoction of the 1870s. Although the unit was technically a civilian unit, it is regarded as the earliest American military aeronautical unit and the earliest American employment of overhead surveillance for the purpose of gathering intelligence on enemy troop movements. Aside from being associated with one of the most famed units in American military history, the flag's writing mentions the unit's most famous battles, the Battle of San Juan Hill, fought in Cuba on July 1, 1898.The flag is a great folk presentation, with fascinating writing including a 00 in Gold promise to those who aren't cured, and an even bolder claim that the bitters can even treat "Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Female Complaints & Drunkenness", right next to the instructions to "Keep this [flag] for the Children." The presence of writing in the canton is especially rare. This fantastic overprint flag descended in the family of James Allen, a renowned early American aeronaut and assistant to Union Balloon Corps founder Thaddeus S. The 48 stars of the flag became official just one year earlier in 1912. This very rare flag of 45 stars was made for one of the reunions of Theodore Roosevelt's famed Rough Riders, officially designed as the 1st U. The flag is made of wool bunting with clamp dyed stars.


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