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As the audience learns about his tragic past, they gain rapport of his lifestyle allowing him to redeem himself in the later parts of the narrative.

(“See this tattoo, it means not welcome”, says Derek.)Daniel Vinyard- Derek’s younger brother, the film is viewed from his point of view in the narrative.

Basically this blog is for anyone who is doing A2 film studies for the WJEC exam board.

It explains what you need to know for some specific films related to each section.

(Drive by, Slow Mo)· Breaks Todorov’s Rules of calm, disruption then equilibrium as the film is opened up in a disruptive state.

(Derek kill thugs at the films opening sequence.) (Prop-Gun)· Narrative Structure is focused on redemption and used to make the audience understand how Derek became the way he was and to show that people can redeem themselves.· The Plot is viewed from the POV of Daniel who explains what is occurring through his voice overs as he writes his essay.· Opening Sequences uses enigma codes making the audience ask key questions why did he shoot them dead and what is going on.· The sequences where Derek shoots the black thugs is shown in the opening sequences and later reshown in more detail.· According the Uses and Gratifications, theory of escapism as Derek wants to escape the lifestyle of a skinhead but is constantly drawn into trouble.· Director puts audience into a trance like state using the musical score in combination with slow motion effects to keep control over the mood of the audience.The racist comments and lack of reason by skinheads.· Shock- Derek skull crushing curb stomp on the black thugs head.“Should have learned your place at the court.”· Empathy- Throughout film, understanding and gaining a rapport of Derek’s attitude.See that he has reformed and saw the error of his ways.· Anger- Cameron tries to corrupt Derek’s brother.· Anxiety- Derek suffers from losing a father.He is burdened with being man of the house at a young age baring the responsibility of role model.(According to the 2 Step Flow Theory)· The narrative is explained from Danny’s V. C (Emphasizes power and leadership)· Tons of POV shots, usually from Daniel.O and through his essay “American History X.”· Derek centrally framed when he does his Neo Nazi speech to the skinhead gang. (Lamont shoots Danny)· Natural Lighting Effects· Low Key Lighting Effects portray times most likely when crime will occur. (Conflict of ideologies)· Police and the Criminals.· Immorality conflict with morals and decency.Spectators can definitely relate if they too lost parents making it easier for them to forgive.· Happy- Derek’s return home. Macro Elements· Non-linear structure, past sequences explained through flashback sequences.(Racconto Flashback Technique)· Red Herring used at resolution sequences, made us believe Derek would get killed but actually tricking us when Daniel is shot dead instead.This is done through flashback sequences in black and white film stock.The film invokes a strong emotional response to audiences drawn into feeling part of Derek’s family.


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