Anorexia And Media Influence Essay

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The media, especially social media are held responsible for the growth and maintenance of eating disorders. In this short article I will explore myth and fact, and hopefully provide you with some thoughts that might help you decide what is cause and what is effect.

It seems that the media doesn’t simply make the ideal body desirable, it promotes the message that anything else is undesirable.

This influence will ripple outwards and it will take time to filter through into public consciousness.

In conclusion to this essay, I quote directly his opinion.

Everyone knows the futility of preaching about things that are desirable, yet the general helplessness in this situation is so great, and the need so dire, that one prefers to repeat the old mistake instead of racking one’s brains over a subjective problem.…The effect on ALL individuals, which one would like to see realised, may not set in for hundreds of years, for the spiritual transformation of mankind follows the slow tread…

and cannot be hurried or held up by any rational process of reflection, let alone brought to fruition in one generation.

When parents fail to listen to their teenager, or put down their idea, the teenager thenfeels stupid and rejected.

They start feeling low, and unimportant, that's when they startto feel depressed. Verny explains, since themother and the baby share everything, if the mother becomes depressed the baby can feelit.

Conversely, graduate career women are more likely to feel guilty about eating than any other target group.

This finding reflects the conflicting pressures on women of today which are reflected in the media. There is a larger dynamic behind cultural trends, which drive behaviours, values and attitudes.


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