Anti Animal Testing Essay

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Supporters show their support, while opponents show their oppositions toward this controversial issue that is still in debates today.

Now, before I write this essay, I am a opponent of animal testing because it takes away the life of the animals and it hurts them.

Some drugs have had to be withdrawn, despite testing.

However, we simply do not have alternative methods of testing.

The first argument against animal testing is that; In a laboratory for animals, all sorts of animals, such as cats, rats, dogs, mice and chimpanzees, can be found.

The animals are locked in small cages individually, kept away from the natural world of where they should have belonged.

Third, the fact that the results attained from experiments on animal testing do not accurately portray their influence on humans is considered to be a one of the serious argument against the testing on animals.

Humans are quite different from other animals, so the consequences of animal testing may not applicable to humans.

They argue that they way one species reacts to a given drug or chemical in a particular way does not necessarily entail other species will react in the same way.

The Italian Professor Peitro Croce has been fighting against animal testing for several years.


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