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Also, please note that if you are a current ANU student, you do not need to attach a copy of your ANU transcript.

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However, if you have a Bachelor of International Relations, then you would refer to the Bachelor of International Relations (Honours) page.

This applies for both students who have an ANU degree, and those from external institutions.

Applications close on the 31st October for first semester entry (of the next year) and 31st May for second semester entry. Applications for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Psychology specialisation close on the 31st October for first semester entry, and 30th April for second semester entry Which Honours program you apply for will depend on the undergraduate degree you are currently enrolled in or have completed.

For example: If you want to do Political Science and International Relations Honours, and you have, or are about to complete, a Bachelor of Arts, you would refer to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) page – Political Science and international Relations honours specialisation.

They can direct you to a suitable academic who has similar research interests as you. You should discuss with your supervisor your thesis; it is a good idea to have a proposal for them in advance.

Anu Honours Thesis Said Hassan Thesis

Once you have done these things, you should download the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form.Information about what to include in your application through programs and courses (see point three) can be found here.You would apply for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (as per below) uploading any documents stipulated by the Psychology Department at that site.If you are from outside of the Australian National University, and your degree, or equivalent, is not listed below, then please contact the College of Arts and Social Sciences student office.Please refer to the Honours programs and courses sites here: If a person is admitted to a 1-year honours program for a degree of Bachelor Honours, the person must enrol in the program within 2 years after the day the person completes the requirements for the award of the pass degree relevant to the program." That is, that students must apply within 2 years of completing their UG degree, or they are ineligible to apply (as they couldn’t start within two years, as it has passed).Your proposed thesis topic is maximum of 50 words that give an outline of the topics.The thesis proposal is negotiated between you and your supervisor.The second problem is on the existence of locally self-avoiding Eulerian circuits.As an application of a generation theorem, we prove that all but one 3-connected quartic planar graphs have an Eulerian circuit that is free of subcycles of length 3 or 4.This implies that a 3-connected quartic planar graph admits a $P_5$-decomposition if and only if it has even order.Finally, we give some new smaller counterexamples to a disproven conjecture of Lovász on circle representations of quartic planar graphs.


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