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For example, a forest community may consist of trees, grasses, fungi, and various animals.) 9."Ecosystems are made of at least one community and everything that the organisms in the environment interact with (including non-living things) within a given area" (Explanation: While a community only includes living things, an ecosystem includes the non-living things the organisms interact with.Complex organisms are made of organ systems that fulfill the different functions of the body required for the organism to survive, grow, and reproduce.

"Populations are made of organisms of the same species living in a specific area" (Explanation: While organisms have only one distinct individual, populations have multiple distinct individuals.

For example, a pride of lions is a population because it has multiple lions living in a specific area. And individual lion by itself, is in the end, still a single organism. "A community consists of all of the populations living in a specific area" (Explanation: While a single population only consists of individuals of the same species, a community can contain many populations, and therefore propulations of different species.

Students: I have linked directly to the Powerpoint files so you can download them and view them at home. By attributing the diversity of life to natural causes rather than to supernatural creation, Darwin gave biology a strong, scientific, testable foundation.

Teachers: I have linked directly to the Powerpoint files so you can download them and use them in your classroom. The history and evolution of life can be documented with evidence already discussed in previous chapters. Let's see what we hypothesize and what we have experimental evidence to support.

Humans have been trying to make sense out of the the diversity of life for a long time.

A formal system of classification began wth Carolus Linnaeus and taxonomists have been trying to perfect it ever since."Tissues are a group of cells that collectively perform a specialized function" (Explanation: Cells in tissues work together in order to perform a task, such as cells in the skeletal muscle tissues that move your arm by contracting and lengthening.) 4."Organs consist of multiple tissues that collectively carry out a function in the body" (Explanation: While a tissue is a group of cells that perform a single specific function, an organ is a group of tissues that play a larger function in the body.For example, the heart, which is made of many kinds of tissue, plays the role of pumping blood through the circulatory system.It is made of many types of tissue that play smaller functions, but they collectively form an organ with a more profound function.) 5.Here is an overview of our present understanding of the evolutionary relationships aomongst the Plants.The Animals have been able to radiate out and evolve to fill niches in every biome on this planet.How much of this behavior is innate and how much is learned?What aspects of this behavior is acted upon by natural selection?Chemical reactions and interactions between different molecules in organelles allow the organelle to perform its function, which is producing glucose in this case.) 2."A cell consists of organelles performing the functions required for the cell to exist" (Explanation: All cells must carry out functions of life, such as reproduction.


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