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In the end of the movie, time jumps ahead 20 years where Smalls is a radio commentator for the LA Dodgers and Benny is one of the team’s star players.

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One character that always seems to steal the audience’s heart is the one that doesn’t always fit in or that is different than the others. Outcast archetypes are usually isolated from others for a certain reason whether it be gender, race, social class, or sexual preference.

These characters When watching a group of boys play baseball one day, he is asked to join them. He stands in center field and when the ball is hit to him, he misses it.

This latter characteristic is the reason why they are called Gods and Demons in the past and why they are understood in our ‘scientific’ age as the psychical manifestations of the instincts, in as much as they represent habitual and universally occurring attitudes and thought forms.

They are the basic forms, but not the manifest, personified or otherwise concretised images.

The layers of the psyche might be seen as analogous to the layers of the human brain, which is a physiological record of cerebral evolution that includes the most primal, the According to Jung, the ‘Gods, Demons and Illusions’ are names for the inherited inhabitants of the psyche, individually and collectively: …they exist and function and are born anew with every generation.

They have an enormous influence on individual as well as collective life and despite their familiarity they are curiously non-human.Certainly, Jung’s school of psychology does not endear itself to the Left in general and to the large numbers of Jews in psychology.A recent biographer states of Jung’s falling out with his mentor Sigmund Freud: Freud himself was inclined to believe his problems with Jung typified a general incompatibility between Jew and gentile, that Jung hated the ‘Jewishness’ or psychoanalysis and wanted to substitute a Christianised version. Freud had wanted Jung to be an apostle to the gentiles, to prevent psychoanalysis from becoming a Jewish sect.The Outcast Archetype Movies and films are important parts of not only our education, but also our life.Some teach us historical information or life lessons, and some just make us laugh.Benny is continuously giving him pointers and helps him learn the game.Benny is also the leader of the team so the boys start to accept Smalls after they see that Benny has.They have a high degree of autonomy, which does not disappear, when the manifest images change.[7] Repressed psychic complexes continue to influence not only the individual, but also the collectivity.It is commonly enough known that repression causes mental illness in an individual.The team stares at him, waiting for him to throw the ball back but he cannot do that either.Smalls is teased and made fun of by everyone on the team except Benny Rodriguez, who is the best player.


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