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The church of Saint-Denis near Paris is supposed to be the brightest example of Gothic architecture.The majority of European countries attract tourists especially due to the examples of Gothic cathedrals and public buildings that fascinate with their shapes, columns, sharp spires and huge windows containing stained glass.Architects projected huge and monumental palaces and public buildings that possessed many features of Greek and Roman architecture. They invented their own styles of architecture that combined traditional elements and brand new solutions in construction provided by new technological possibilities.

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Contemporary experts often criticize the condition of modern architecture whereas it has lost its aesthetic and monumental value.

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The history of architecture is a very broad and disputable issue whereas one can observe the problem in global, cultural, national and local meanings.

Since we belong to Western civilization, it is reasonable to focus on the history of European architecture that has influenced Europe, North and South America and Australia.

Architects no longer design alluring and curious richly ornamented and shaped buildings inasmuch as the society does not demand them. You will hardly find sophisticated and weird forms there.

Modern buildings are often covered with glass for the creation of the effect of broad space and transparency.

The first examples of European architecture can be met in the Neolithic period. The most important period in the development of Western architecture is related to Ancient Greece and Rome.

When you decide to look at the ancient buildings in the British Isles, you will see the remnants of camps and tombs. They built elaborate and admirable temples, stores and various public buildings.

Of course, the ruling class possesses splendid and alluring villas and palaces.

During this period, architecture is accompanied with sculpture and painting.


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