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They want you to undertake an ambitious independent analysis, one that will yield a thesis that is somewhat surprising and challenging to explain.You have no doubt been drilled on the need for a thesis statement and its proper location at the end of the introduction.

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This format is easy for readers to follow, and it helps writers organize their points and the evidence that goes with them. Figure 3.2, in contrast, represents a paper on the same topic that has the more organic form expected in college. Rather than simply positing a number of reasons to think that something is true, it puts forward an arguable statement: one with which a reasonable person might disagree. But if you assume that you must adhere rigidly to the simpler form, you’re blunting your intellectual ambition.

Your professors will not be impressed by obvious theses, loosely related body paragraphs, and repetitive conclusions.

The owner, a University of California graduate, will be housed with hundreds of evacuees in War Relocation Authority centers for the duration of the war.” An essay that includes this photograph as evidence may include an introduction that references and addresses: t (time, events, place, and people): WWII, Pearl Harbor, Japanese people (U. citizens, immigrants, Japanese nationals--Issei, Nisei, Sansei), West Coast, California, Executive Order 9066, internment camps, xenophobia, President Roosevelt, relocation, General John De Witt, Fred Korematsu, Japanese American Citizens League, Japanese American servicemen.

As an instructor, I’ve noted that a number of new (and sometimes not-so-new) students are skilled wordsmiths and generally clear thinkers but are nevertheless stuck in a high-school style of writing.

Finding that significance for yourself makes the most of both your paper and your learning. All fact collectors who have no aim beyond their facts are one-story men.

Two-story men compare, reason, generalize using the labor of fact collectors as their own.

Some students who have mastered that form, and enjoyed a lot of success from doing so, assume that college writing is simply more of the same.

The skills that go into a very basic kind of essay—often called the five-paragraph theme—are indispensable.

Then, with that first story built, you can layer on the second story by formulating the insightful, arguable point that animates the analysis.

That’s often the most effortful part: brainstorming, elaborating and comparing alternative ideas, finalizing your point.


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