Argumentative Essay On College Education

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Present figures reveal that the level of education received plays an essential part in determining yearly earnings.

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This eliminates students from being restricted to a particular job market.

Many parents of college-bound students see the “sticker price” at private colleges and grab their chests when tuition and fees are quoted at $30,000 or even $35,000 for one year.

Private colleges and universities have more money to support their students.

So at the end result private school may cost you the same as public institution.

A college education increases career opportunities and provides a better earning power.

Obtaining a degree can result in a vast of employment opportunities because today's employers consider it a necessity.These are essays that pretty much require you to take the platform and put forward your ideas, your thoughts, your impressions about things and give comments on what you think should be done.It is all about speaking your mind, and your paper becomes the ultimate platform for you to achieve this.Another issue should be underlined here that could influence your budget. Thanks to the wave of students now swamping college campuses, public colleges cannot guarantee your classes will be available so you can graduate in four years.Even if you are diligent, it can take five years to complete a four-year education.Employers often screen out applicants without a degree, from the interviewing process, regardless of their experience and skill.Those that are a chosen to be qualified candidates are usually highly rewarded financially than those without a degree.Source: Annual Survey of Colleges, The College Board, New York, NY, 2004-2005 (Enrollment-Weighted) Even though the price of private school is usually higher than public school charges, don’t be scared of applying.Private schools have generous financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities.But there’s more to the equation of tuition at public colleges vs.private colleges than just sticker price, so the question of what’s really affordable may sometimes have a surprising answer.


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