Art Of Problem Solving Math

Art Of Problem Solving Math-21
Area: Square units, adding and subtracting areas, tangrams, triangle area, unit conversions.

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Comparing : The number line, distance, consecutive numbers, using Beast Academy 2B covers the following topics: Subtraction : Place value strategies, using addition, finding a difference, counting up, subtracting then adding, subtracting all at once, and subtracting in parts.

Expressions : Evaluating expressions, using parentheses, working with symbols, simplifying, and solving equations.

Reading, writing, adding, subtracting, comparing, and estimating with big numbers.

Algorithms: Stacking addition with regrouping, adding more than two numbers at a time, stacking subtraction with breaking, and solving cryptarithms.

In our Ao PS classes, students are asked to prepare by reading the new material before class, but then they work through new concepts with the instructor during class time, making use of Socratic dialogue to master the ideas before being asked to complete the assignments.

We offer one-on-one help when needed and we progress at a slower pace than the Ao PS website classes because we spend additional time making the material accessible and clear.

: Beast Academy 4B covers the following topics: Counting : Counting lists, choices, Venn diagrams, Factorials, counting pairs.

Division : Special quotients, dividing multiples of powers of 10, long division, divisibility.

Strategies: Rearranging addition and subtraction, canceling, almost canceling, subtracting everything at once, using parentheses, and skip-counting.

Beast Academy 2D covers the following topics: Big Numbers: Thousands, millions and larger place values.


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