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The assignee will get notified instantly and the task's border color will change to show you're not assigned with it anymore - though you remain subscribed to it.You are still Subscribed to that task so you get notified when someone who has access to this task comments on it or marks it has completed.The system does not check whether the selected area still lies within the field f .

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If you want different people to work on a single task you need to assign it to the one person who leads it for now (like in a plane there is only one pilote at a time).

All others will be added as Subscribers at the bottom part of the task's card to pull them into the task whenever needed and get them notified.

In many incidents victims were directed to a bogus login screen and credentials entered were then captured by the cyber-criminal - HIwa #BEC It’s not unusual for the photo in a fake profile to depict someone who, if they were really that good looking, would be making a living from modelling underwear on a beach somewhere rather than heading up a small HR team at a recruitment firm in Croydon - The ICO investigation comes on the heels of the Biostar 2 fiasco.

The global biometrics vendor, of which the London met police is a client, exposing fingerprints, face photos, unencrypted usernames, passwords and employees personal info -- unprotected.

is not typed (see FIELD-SYMBOLS ), the field symbol adopts the type and atrributes of the field f at runtime, particularly the conversion exit. Variant 5ASSIGN COMPONENT idx OF STRUCTURE rec TO . Note If idx has the value 0, the entire field string is assigned to the field symbol. DATA: BEGIN OF REC, A VALUE ‘a’, B VALUE ‘b’, C VALUE ‘c’, D VALUE ‘d’, END OF REC, CN(5) VALUE ‘D’. Note Performance For performance reasons, you are recommended to use typed field symbols.

Otherwise, when the assignment is made, the system checks whether the type of the field f matches the type of the field symbol . The runtime for a typed ASSIGN statement amounts to approx. Pre-assign a task when creating it: If it is 2 times the same action that need to be completed by 2 people, then you can create and assign 2 separate tasks (one to each of them).You can make a copy of one the tasks to speed up the process.All Java variables must be identified with unique names. Identifiers can be short names (like x and y) or more descriptive names (age, sum, total Volume).Unsurprisingly in most cases the compromise was traced back to a phishing email containing a link or attachment.Create a variable named matching Birds and assign it a LINQ query on the birds variable that have the same Color property as the mystery Bird object.In the query, return an anonymous type with a property named Bird Name and assign to it the Name property of the birds. The mystery Bird color is white, so this boolean expression will always be true, which is why we end up with all 3 birds in our result, rather than filtering it down to just 2.- Os Can you trust your supply chain with the data they manage on your behalf?This has got to be the worse breach of data we have seen since the GDPR came into play as well as the most highly visible organisations using their services - #affectedforlife Ludicrous, why not let the people who are happier to use 2FA decide on whether it should be delayed for another 18 months.This can and must be only fixed by the tech companies own platforms.It will be hacked easily if doors are created - ZY #encryption #backdoor Security researchers have revealed just how insecure Io T networks can be in a report that runs rings around network security in devices including IP cameras and the popular Philips Hue smart lighting system - #security #CCTV Security researchers have discovered flaws that could allow hackers to bypass the UK contactless verification limit of £30 on Visa contactless cards.


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