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However, as soon as he gets a glimpse of Spock’s telltale ears he realizes he’s looking at a Vulcan, and he is on a ship from the future.

Seven claims to be a 20th-century human from a distant and undetectable planet, and he has come to Earth with a job to do.

The United States planned to launch the missile in response to an orbiting missle launched by another country.

The aliens were concerned that the Earth humans’ rate of technology was increasing faster than their common sense, so the agents needed to step in to prevent them from annihilating themselves.

Roberta points the servo pen at Kirk and demands he let Seven do what he needs to do, but Seven takes it from her, informing her it was set to kill.

He then gives the pen to Kirk as a sign of goodwill.During his interaction with the computer we learn Gary Seven is an agent descended from a race of humans who were taken from Earth to a hidden planet 6,000 years ago by mysterious aliens.The aliens sent Seven to find two missing agents, who were on Earth to disable an orbiting nuclear missile set to be launched within the day.Gary eventually learns from the computer that the two agents had been killed in a car wreck on their way to Mc Kinley Rocket base where the missile is set to be launched. Roberta Lincoln is a secretary hired by the previous two agents, although she did not realize their true identities or mission.She was told they were working on research for a new encyclopedia. At the end of itssecond season, the return of The Original Series was in doubt and creator Gene Roddenberry wanted to find something to replace his imperiled show.In 1966 he had unsucessfully pitched a pilot script to Desilu studios entitled “Assignment: Earth.”With the help of writer Art Wallace (“Obsession”) Roddenberry reworked the script into a Trek episode, hoping it would serve as a springboard for a new series.Seven convinces Roberta that he is actually from the CIA (the Beta 5 computer had printed out a false ID saying so) and that she must help him for the sake of her country. Throughout the episode she proves sincere, albeit somewhat ditzy and prone to calling the police.The Beta 5 computer reports that Roberta is extremely intelligent, however, and she ultimately helps Gary Seven complete his mission.He holds a black cat with a jeweled collar named Isis, and it appears they can communicate with each other.Seven is confused and demands to know how humans could have intercepted his transporter beam since they shouldn’t have the technology.


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