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Further, the fact that student assignment policies are created locally yet are subject to adjudication in state and federal courts requires educators and policymakers seeking to understand student assignment policies to approach the topic with a foundation in educational politics and policymaking.

Therefore this section reviews important works in the fields of politics of education and educational policy studies.

Students learn more when they practice something or read stuff.

And due to this at the beginning of their student life teachers want the students to read book, stories, novel to develop the reading habit.

As we all knew that school and colleges are places where teacher are there to help the student and developing the concept related to diverse subjects, and the teacher gave the homework for their own learning.

Such homework and assignment that is assigned by the teacher, but for a student, it is considered as massive unhappiness as they think to study in the school, college and university timings are enough for them.As a result, student assignment policies are highly localized in scope and sensitive to broader district contexts.Historically, student assignment policies have been made with regard to geography and transportation efficiency: students attended schools that were closest to their residences. Board of Education, when the US Supreme Court ruled that willful assignment of African American students into separate and inferior schools was unconstitutional.Unlike other well-defined policy arenas in education, such as curriculum, finance, supervision, and law, student assignment policies draw from a variety of approaches and disciplines.In fact it may be safe to assert that there is no well-defined and codified canon of scholarship around the policy issue of student assignment.Wirt and Kirst 2005 provides a cogent review of the role of politics and political players in local, state, and federal educational policymaking.Ravitch 1985 provides an overview of the failure of many school reform policies during the decades leading up to the gestation of the current standards-based reform agenda.We are available - pm The Education collections are available in Te Puna Mātauraka o Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha (Central Library), with teaching materials in Te Puna Ako on Level 4 (a group study zone) and academic education resources (mostly) on Level 7 (a silent study zone). Student assignment is a topic of study in educational policy that focuses on the processes by which students are allocated into schools and classrooms.Roza 2010 provides details of the resource allocation inequities at the school level with some discussion of the manner in which student assignment policies impact school-level resource allocation.Two historical pieces provide context for consideration of the links between the desegregation movements of the 1970s and current student assignment policies.


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