At The Railway Station An Essay

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There is hustle and bustle all the time at railway station.People are seen boarding the train and getting down of them. If you are looking for a few exciting railway station paragraphs and essays, then you are into the right place. You know the train is really good transport for a long journey and people prefer to journey by train.

One of my friends Sahil informed me that one of his uncles is coming from Delhi and we need to pick him up from our station.Many porters were there waiting for the passengers to carry their luggage. Some were selling tea, snacks, magazines books, toys, etc. At the ticket windows, people were waiting in the queues to buy the tickets. I agreed because I was looking for the chance to go there.In the day, we went there at 10 AM and his train arrival time was 10.30 AM, we thought to be there a few minutes ago so that you can see the sight.I love to visit a railway station to have a sight of the multitude of men and women that crowd the platform; some alighting from the train; others get into it for a journey.What a busy scene it is; and what a rich variety is offered to our sight.Many people were there who had come to receive or see off their relations. Rabindranath has said in one of his later poems that the railway icon show that this our world is the handiwork of a painter, not that of a blacksmith or artisan.A junction has several platforms, with over-bridges.The bigger stations have waiting rooms for all classes or passengers; restaurants, loudspeaker system to announce arrival of trains and platforms to touch.


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