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In man network now a days DHCP is used for address assignment.IP addresses can be assigned automatically or statically.While RARP was perfect in providing IP to a machine asking for it with a MAC, It was desirable to know other internet information like Subnetmask, DNS, Gateway address ) but RARP was not designed for this.

In man network now a days DHCP is used for address assignment.

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Let me show you how to configure IP address and other network information in Windows 7 here.

As you know IP address must be configured on computer in order to communicate with other computers, because this IP address is the standard address understood by computers and other networking devices in networking world.

It was based on Client-Server architecture, where a RARP Server will assign a predecided IP address if the request comes from a particular MAC address.

such static IP-Mac binding used to exist on RARP server( gateway).

Unlike DHCP, Auto IP does not require a router or a separate server to assign an IP address.

If a network is configured with IP addresses for a different network than , devices with Auto IP addresses will not be able to communicate properly.Unless a network is intentionally configured using Auto IP addresses, a device with an Auto IP address is a sign that there is a problem with the network.Most networks using automatic IP address configuration for new devices use DHCP, not Auto IP.Check with your ISP on what DNS servers you should use.If not, you can try this free Opendns or Google DNS servers.Note: Default gateway is a router that can route the traffic to the other network or Internet.DNS server is an application server that can translate URL to IP address.mostly diskless computer ( without rw disks) used to use this protocol.RARP is told to be a mirror but it also differs in the way information is exchanged.Similar to RARP, it provides IP Address and additionally other information against a MAC address.there were few flaws in BOOTP because static nature like IP Adderss utilization, network changes etc.


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