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I have scanned the relevant page I must first give thanks to Dr. 2009's 2012's most influential author (especially if you are Paul Ryan) is a mirthless Russian-American who loves money, hates God, and swings a gigantic dick. And the Great Recession is all their faultgoddamn, the experience of being 19 years old and reading Ayn Rand! A weirdly specific thing happens with the books of Ayn Rand.

I have scanned the relevant page I must first give thanks to Dr. 2009's 2012's most influential author (especially if you are Paul Ryan) is a mirthless Russian-American who loves money, hates God, and swings a gigantic dick. And the Great Recession is all their faultgoddamn, the experience of being 19 years old and reading Ayn Rand! A weirdly specific thing happens with the books of Ayn Rand._Mark Cuban requires no quiz: Which individual has most influenced the lives of Americans in the past twenty-five years? Which presents two related questions: Do Objectivists look to the novels for amorous, as well as economic, instruction?

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"Because when you're young, you hunger for moralism.

You know there are things that are right and things that are wrong.

The advertisement continues: "This novel placed second among the best 100 (English-written) novels of the twentieth century, according to a survey conducted by Random House and Modern Library in 1998.

Meanwhile, the aspect of this project that has warmed my heart is Kayo's acknowledgment on page 1037 (acknowledgments tend to be published at the end of books in Japan). Sciabarra is one of the best and most productive scholars in the study of Libertarianism and Ayn Rand.

I also admit that a few of them became better questioners of ideas and of themselves—which in turn made them more honest people.

But most fell into that hapless group of Rand readers—the ones whose postadolescent insecurity was alchemized upon contact with into a bizarre unlaughing superiority.Some snapped out of it after a semester or two, becoming people who later in life—like Hillary Clinton—could refer with a shake of the head to their "Ayn Rand phase." Some didn't, and I lost them as friends.And for years I've wondered whether they: provides all the feelings of compensation one might need for any period of terrifying inadequacy.""_Atlas Shrugged _was a life-changing event for me," says John Allison, who recently retired as the CEO of the BBT Corporation and remains the chairman of the huge North Carolina-based bank.Days during which the infected comes to see himself and Roark/Galt as avatars of one another: superheroically mirthless protagonists in a drama of historical import. One day you've got a bright young kid dutifully connecting the dots of his liberal-arts education; the next, he's got Roark and Galt in the marrow and has become…None of this matters, right?We're talking about a phase, no different from purple hair and lip rings, right?Thanks to them, the Rand Experience is no longer limited to those who have read the books. Buckley later returned the compliment by assigning Whittaker Chambers to review .Money quote: "From almost any page…a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: ' To a gas chamber—go!Well, yes, it's true that in most cases, the fever breaks. That boy (or you, or I) can dismiss the books as a "phase" and attempt to busy ourselves with the kind of degenerate "stylists" Rand scorned (Faulkner, Nabokov). Been wondering whence the too-long-ascendant political and economic ideas and forces behind Greenspanism, John Thainism, blind Wall Street plunder, bankruptcy, credit-default swaps, Bernie Madoff, and the ensuing Cannibalism in the Streets?That kid stands up, walks outside, and reflects on the 727 pages of he's just wolfed down. Nearly 2,000 hectoring, brook-no-ambiguity, you're-either-a-lion-or-a-leech pages of breathtaking psychological obtuseness. But none of us can escape the shadow of the lone straight shaft of the Taggart Building tumescing in the distance. Then you, sir, need to give thanks to Ayn Rand Assholes everywhere—as well as the steely loins from which they sprang. He's a New York City author and blogger who calls himself both a genius and an "elitist anarchist." What's that mean?Does a 19-year-old "experience" the likes of "She looked at the lone straight shaft of the Taggart Building rising in the distance—and…understood: these people hated Jim because they envied him"? The longing to regard oneself as misunderstood and underrated can be powerful; the temptation to project oneself as such, irresistible. The days during which that 19-year-old has Rand's worldview vectored into his cerebral cortex are feverish and sleepless.Days of beautiful affliction during which the intransigence of others—roommates, a coed the patient has been hitting on, professors, parents, idiocy and sublimated envy of the patient's intelligence and talent.


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