Basic Power Supply Thesis

Apple II is designed with a switching mode power supply."Rod Holt was brought in as product engineer and there were several flaws in Apple II that were never publicized.

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A switched-mode power supply (switching-mode power supply, switch-mode power supply, switched power supply, SMPS, or switcher) is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently.

Like other power supplies, an SMPS transfers power from a DC or AC source (often mains power) to DC loads, such as a personal computer, while converting voltage and current characteristics.

1.- To study the nowadays solutions for high power and high output voltage converters, and compare them with the performances of the PRC-LCC resonant converter with a capacitor as output filter.

2.- To obtain a dynamical model for the PRC-LCC resonant converter with capacitor as output filter.

A linear regulator regulates either output voltage or current by dissipating the excess electric power in the form of heat, and hence its maximum power efficiency is voltage-out/voltage-in since the volt difference is wasted.

In contrast, a SMPS changes output voltage and current by switching ideally lossless storage elements, such as inductors and capacitors, between different electrical configurations.

The thesis defines a multilevel topology as a solution to operate in the aforementioned conditions, with reasonable resonant current values at low power.

The parasitic transformer components are included in the topology, and they are used as an extra elements that help to reduce the output power level.

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