Benefits Of Good Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical thinking training teaches you how to build logicall persuasive arguments.

Whether its a argumentative essay in college, a sales email to a customer or developing sales collateral or web pages - this knowledge gives you a logical approach to being persuasive. Protect yourself being blind-sided by preconceived notions and confirmation biases.

The tools of persuasion employed in a Resume are logic and credibility.

As a matter of fact, it consists of a chain of inductive arguments reinforcing each other, and credibility established with certifications, awards and recommendations.

An understanding of various fallacies and cognitive biases would mitigate the risks of bad decisions due to faulty reasoning.

They would also understand that 'Resume's are an exercise in Inductive arguments to prove why a candidate is the best fit for the job, and this would help in better shortlisting, interviewing and selection of candidates.

Managers are called to make decisions and solve problems and devise strategies on an ongoing basis.

While domain knowledge and experience have a great role to play in being successful, knowledge of fallacies and cognitive biases will ensure that they do not make errors in reasoning, and also whet their solutions for eliminating any cognitive biases they may have.


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