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They show great bravery, intelligence, strength and resourcefulness.They have a strong admiration for the values of their society.

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” He fought in numerous battles and returned victorious from all but his last.

In his argument with Unferth, Beowulf explains the reason he lost a swimming match with his opponent Brecca.

One characteristic of heroism is that a hero performs outrageous and sometimes superhuman deeds. He volunteers himself to fight Grendel and when Grendel’s mom seeks revenge he goes to the lake and takes on the challenge.

He shows the great qualities of strength and power when, after fifty years, he takes on the dragon that has become a threat to the Geats. When it is time to fight the dragon everyone becomes afraid and runs off to the forest and hides, while Beowulf sticks around with Wiglaf and fights off the dragon, never fearing the threat of death.

In conclusion, Beowulf’s actions speak for what he stands for and believes in.

Bravery is shown in his character by describing how he approaches his enemies and miscreants.

Although some may have various definitions of a hero, it would be difficult to disagree; by being brave, powerful, and honorable, Beowulf embodies the qualities of a true hero.

Every epic hero possesses certain heroic characteristics.

Beowulf embodies the qualities of bravery, being powerful, and demonstrating his honor; therefore, he can be considered a true hero. Beowulf’s honor far exceeds the average person’s, and his actions and words show for it.

A way Beowulf demonstrates his heroism is the way he stays true to the Geats by honoring them. By this dialogue, he expresses how much he cares for his soldiers and respects his men and country. Anything I can do, here on this earth to earn your love, oh great king, anything more than I have done, battle I can fight in your honor, summon me, I will come as I came once before. Not only is Beowulf honorable and well respected, he is brave as well.


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