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Often I wish to go back, back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler.

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[tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Father] - Childhood memories are often replaced from the imagination.The kind that made you feel enough in just being - effortlessly accepted.Physical discomfort instantly gone, the preceding episode also evaporated from her mind....I remember that at one point and time we lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado.My sisters and I would play outside constantly more than likely because we had a tendency to drive our parents crazy with our wild and rambunctious nature.Either the friendship is an enduring one that stands the test of time or the two playmates simply grow apart over the course of adolescence.For me, two of my closest childhood friendships followed a different path.I recall we would run around in the yard jumping as high as we possible could trying so hard to catch the huge balloons that would float above us.As far as we could tell they were coaxing us begging for our attention!My life was forever impacted on a Summer day when my father and I had a fishing trip planned.An otherwise normal day of fishing at the lake would have a dramatic impact in my life, developing and accelerating a passion that would continue throughout my adult life, and will remain impactful for the rest of my adult life....


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