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This allows the writer to fully acknowledge her/his sources, without significantly interrupting the flow of the writing.

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Other useful guides: Effective note making, Avoiding plagiarism.

When you are writing an essay, report, dissertation or any other form of academic writing, your own thoughts and ideas inevitably build on those of other writers, researchers or teachers.

This information is usually included in brackets at the most appropriate point in the text. 44) believe that the willingness of adults to learn is affected by their attitudes, values and self-image and that their capacity to learn depends greatly on their study skills.

Note that in this example reference has been made to a specific point within a very long text (in this instance a book) and so a page number has been added.

If you use more than one source from the same author, you should order them by date and then by the first letter of the title, if the year of publication is the same.

The supervisor also might help writing a reference if you have trouble with a particularly difficult citation.This gives the reader the opportunity to find the particular place in the text where the point referred to is made.You should always include the page number when you include a passage of direct quotation from another writer's work.Writing a reference list also allow the reader, or the person marking the paper, to check the original sources if they require more detail. Many academics have their own preferred style, and since they will be the ones marking your research paper, it’s best to understand their requirements beforehand.Your bibliography (often called a citation list) always comes at the end of the paper, and it must include all of the direct sources that you referred to in the body of the paper. The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).As a very rough guide, while the introduction and the conclusions to your writing might be largely based on your own ideas, within the main body of your report, essay or dissertation, you would expect to be drawing on, and thus referencing your debt to, the work of others in each main section or paragraph.Look at the ways in which your sources use references in their own work, and for further guidance consult the companion guide Avoiding Plagiarism.This guide aims to explain the general principles by giving details of the two most commonly used formats, the 'author, date' system and footnotes or endnotes.Once you have understood the principles common to all referencing systems you should be able to apply the specific rules set by your own department.The publisher's name is normally on a book's main title page, and often on the book's spine too.Your source should be acknowledged every time the point that you make, or the data or other information that you use, is substantially that of another writer and not your own.


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