Bilingualism Thesis Statement

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These scholars used the term 'incipient bilingualism' to describe a person who is at the beginning stages of acquiring a new language and only has a small amount of fluency in both languages.

They used the term 'balanced bilingualism' to describe individuals who have an equal amount of competence in two languages, both the new language and their native tongue (Bilingualism and translanguaging).

There is the ability to communicate information needed that could be of importance, such as asking for directions or requesting the phone number for the nearest physician or hospital.

Any individual with the ability to speak fluently in another language automatically has an advantage if ever put into that cultural environment because he is able to survive much easier simply because the communication barrier has been lowered and there is less chance of an issue arising due to problems with different meanings of phrases or different connotations of words being used to describe certain objects or people.

While this is true in a sense, we are all evolving in some way and adapt other cultural practices to some extent throughout our lifetimes.

Many times we do not even realize this happens until it is called to our attention (Beardsmore).It has been widely reported that the majority of individuals who speak two languages with fluency have the ability to do this because it has become somewhat of a second nature to them as a result of the need to learn the second language due to family needs, employment changes, or educational demands.However, as a whole, the population has been hesitant to embrace bilingualism in the past. The first type of fear described by the population concerns that of societal parent is Mexican and the other is Chinese), the parents may fear the children will choose to abandon one set of ethnic values for the most popular or accepted values dependent on the societal environment in which they presently live.This will cause them to lose a part of themselves over the course of several years.The second is fear felt strictly by the individual, but the two fears are often linked together.There is an apprehension felt by many parents who come from a unilingual background and are put into an environment where there is somewhat of a need to be bilingual.There is also a fear by some parents that the capability to speak multiple languages will cause a problem with the development of the mainly accepted language of that particular time in society.This basically consists of a fear that, if a child understands both English and French and lives in a predominantly French speaking area, the child would be linguistically lacking in his developmental ability to properly speak grammatically correct French at an upper educational level although he may be capable of carrying on a conversation with anyone in the area in the correct dialect (Beardsmore).This also suggests that faculty should assess their students’ levels of fluency in both languages to insure that true bilingualism has been achieved.The purpose of this thesis is to look at the curriculum of the bachelor’s degrees accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE) as of February 2018 and to review their curriculum related to developing and assessing students’ level of bilingualism.


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