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talent is undermined by having to resort to basic labour. Life as an outsider, due to dysfunctional families, often creates a strong urge to belong. s portrayal of Romulus, who is forced to flee his home due to domestic violence after trying ? Here, Gaita, through contrast, reveals tones of admiration and frustration, as Romulus? When I was a kid growing up in Australia it was sort of weird, because I used to have different lunch to everyone else. d have birthday parties and things like that, or just places they? It is evident here that Ali has always struggled in Australia similar to Romulus due to their cultural heritages. A dead red gum...became for my mother a symbol of her desolation? Thomas’s older brother Charlie who is Autistic and has ADD and announces their arrival to the neighbours by banging a wooden spoon and wailing on the front lawn.

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It’s a movie that makes you it is a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and there are some really captivating scenes.

I think this film has portrayed the struggles of growing up.

Simon and Maggie are openly intimate, and now Maggie is going to have another baby.

Thomas’s cricket-obsessed father, Simon, talks to his teddy.

Like Romulus there is the painful challenge to belong to a dysfunctional family but Thomas heeds his father? The personal, cultural, social and racial relations explored in the abovementioned texts reinforce the notion that we all yearn to belong for security and well being.

THE BLACK BALLOON (Part 1) Running Time: 97 Minutes Rating: M Moderate themes, moderate coarse language Genre: Drama Release Date: March 6 2008 in Australia Release details: Wide National Release. Press Images: site: English Country: Australia Selected for the 2004 Aurora Development Scheme through the NSW Film & Television Office - is made with the assistance of the Film Finance Corporation Australia, The New South Wales Film & Television Office and the Australian Film Commission with international sales by Icon Entertainment International and theatrical distribution in Australia by Icon Film Distribution. Maggie Mollison- lead actor Rhys Wakefield............... (Cinematic Intelligence agency, 2008) Most of the film is based on and inspired by Elissa Down’s experience, growing up with two autistic brothers, the emotions, the resentment the love, embarrassment through the character of Thomas- it is everything that she felt when growing up. It has been said that the film is brilliant and that it was a great depiction of the Australianess in the film- I must say that I agree. 2008) Curtin’s Head of Communication and Cultural Studies, Dr Ron Blaber, said Elissa was an outstanding example of the accomplishments that Curtin students can attain. 2008) There have been many comments by the public that it hit so close to home especially with families who deal with autistic children. The script has expressed both the tragedy and the hilarity of the experiences of a family with someone who is so obviously different from what is considered 'normal'. There's no doubt that Australian made films carry an empathy for "old" Australians, and perhaps also for the "new". It is a real portrait of family strengths in our world of fragile relationships. s, is caught between two diverse cultures, struggling to belong as a ? my father this unusually gifted man was set to work with a pick and shovel.? Gaita employs assonance and symbol to describe her torment, ? Conclusion Thomas struggles to accept him, vacillating between love, understanding, embarrassment and resentment. s memoir reveals how Romulus, a reluctant eastern European immigrant to Australia in the 1950? His sense of alienation is partly due to experiences of discrimination in Australia, ? chose not to utilise the many skills of the foreign workers... History repeats itself when Gaita also suffers a dysfunctional childhood and both father and son are denied a sense of family, due to the instability of their wife and mother, Christine, caused by her depression, infidelities and neglect. Budget and box office figures, release of box office “Similarly, the Australian film is doing extremely well, adding screens and growing its audience by 5% across 61 sites. Elissa Down talks about her highly acclaimed debut feature . time ABC radio national Julie Rigg Interviews Elissa Down, writer-director, 'The Black Balloon' march 6 2008. Thomas and Simon between them take on Charlie’s daily routine; and Thomas experiences the less savoury aspects of coping with his brother. Charlie is unpredictable, sometimes unmanageable, and often disgusting. Maggie has complications with her pregnancy and becomes bedridden. Whatever one thinks of the film, there's no denying how smart Icon has been in its release strategy for this film.” (The au. Down Elissa- the Black Balloon: Makin E’m laugh…and Cry. Part ID=26897#3 Bibliography of reviews in news papers, critical essays in journals and discussions in books Because the film has been recently released it has been all over the newspapers especially when it comes to international and originally Australian supermodel Gemma Ward the following are some articles, reviews and comments in newspapers The Advertiser Sunday mail in Adelaide Courier and Sunday mail, Queensland Newspapers The Age Entertainment Sydney morning herald Sunday times West Australian Express magazine Ok magazine Who Magazine, first for celebrity news. Hot topics: Stars turn out for the premiere of (2008) In Film Australia. p=313 Curtin University of Technology, Curtin news. Media release archive: Curtin graduate’s award winning film opens this week The Sydney Morning Herald: national, world, business, entertainment, sport and technology news from Australia's leading newspaper. Thomas is partnered with Jackie for basic life-saving; young love blossoms between the two and Jackie helps Thomas to deal with his brother’s autism. Veronica Jenet Ase Production Designer………Nick Mc Callum Costume Designer……….. It took 217K over Easter, 7K over the week, and, after three weeks of release, is powering towards the ton. The law society of NSW Aussie film wins the prize, What he didn’t bargain for was the shit-smearing, shopping centre tantrums, and riding in the Autistic School bus. The school swimming lessons are a nightmare, as Thomas only ever knows how to doggy paddle.


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