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Once you start writing, your essay should include: The Introductory Paragraph You don’t want to answer the question here. Rather, you want to launch into your story full force. Strong essays take control of the question by answering it, but without being hemmed in by dry, repetitive language.By the end of this paragraph you want to have a powerful thesis.You've done your brainstorming, and now it's time to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard).

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The woman looks like a college student, some twenty years younger than Steve. He pretends to be talking to someone from the office. She watches painfully, then has a flashback to the first time she met Steve. I haveshort summary of my story but, how do I add, to it, and develope it.

Chapter 6: Gail and Steve are having a silent dinner at home when the phone rings. During Gail's flashback - Steve and Gail at a football game.

Chapter 4: Gail discovers emails in Steve's mailbox that are vague, but still raise suspicion.

She writes to one of the senders, pretending to be Steve, and sets up a date.

He is amazed she likes football and they hit it off.

Chapter 8: Gail is already out, so she decides to have a drink.

As she falls asleep alone in a guest bed, she smiles and says, "I can take care of myself."The above blueprint gives a plan for each individual chapter, reminding the writer what has to be developed at each stage in the piece.

How much detail to put in is a matter of choice - just as long as the key dramatic elements are there.

In your blueprint, you will want to include all the information you consider critical to the story, as well as reminders on how you want to set things up.

This may entail jotting down settings, character descriptions, actions, and key dialogue.


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