Brave New World Allusions Essay

He explains that his mother was like Lenina, a woman from civilized society, who some hunters had saved.

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The only form of “happiness” comes from a drug called soma, which provides an artificial escape from negative emotions.

As some individuals begin to question the world around them, John, a “Savage” who has been raised outside of the World State, enters this mainstream society and stirs up trouble.

You can search “Satire in ‘Brave New World’ for additional references.

It is recommended that individual thought be given to these answers.

However, Bernard feels a strange fascination with the scene.

Brave New World Allusions Essay

Bernard and Lenina watch a ritual dance of sacrifice to the gods Pookong and Jesus, where a young man slowly proceeds around a pile of snakes in the center of the Pueblo square.

Linda explains that she used to let all the men come to her for sex, as civilized people should, but that all the other women got mad.

She also struggled to condition John to the ways of civilized society but apparently failed.

“Passing” the course is NOT going to help you later in life if you haven’t learned how to think critically when given the opportunity for guidance during your early studies.

The Indian guide leads Bernard and Lenina into the reservation, where the smells and the sight of poverty, disease, and old age immediately assault them.


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