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Making concrete plan is necessary for assured business success like quantities needed and infrastructure to prepare bricks.Brickmaking can turn too much profitable business if approach is scientific. All sections of operation and execution of business should be planned systematically.The term “brick and mortar” (also sometimes used as “bricks and mortar”) was created in contrast to online shopping or ecommerce.

Maintain transparency while dealing with partners and grant providers.

This plan must focus on specific time and climatic conditions to manufacture bricks.

During the 2009 recession, many brick-and-mortar stores suffered financially.

As the economy has recovered, many economists have discussed the differences between online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Defining target market is necessary to setup business.

Be specific in narrowing down for targeted consumers from planning landscapers to wholesalers, individuals or others.There is a lot of crossover, since 2009, between online and brick-and-mortar retail.The two are beginning to work synchronously, so as a business owner, understanding how patrons view these new “click and mortars” or “bricks and clicks” is crucial.For many years, logic dictated that the lower operating costs, portable shopping, and ease of setup made ecommerce solutions the obvious choice for anyone starting a business.A report from Pricewaterhouse Coopers' Global Consumer Insights Survey states that, between 20, the number of shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores on a weekly basis has increased: from 40 percent to 44 percent.Although it is in initial stage but developing clay brick manufacturing business plan require proper and thorough strategy.They are documents and ideas summed up to implement for suitable action.A thorough approach is needed to keep business successful for targeted time period.Steps should be clarified for the options to acquire clays and rest stuffs used as raw materials for brickmaking.Keep concept ready for finances involved and operation.Discuss with experts about running many processes to turn an initiative into profitmaking attempt.


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