Bubonic Plague Essay Question

All three have been traced to the bacterium by extracting genetic material from bones and dental pulp of victims buried in plague cemeteries and then comparing it to the genotype of modern samples of the bacterium.Although bubonic plague may be carried by black rats and their infected fleas to new areas, it also was transmitted from human to human as a respiratory form and from humans to other humans who handled infectious tissues.When the plague hit in the mid-1300s, no one knew what caused this dreadful pestilence.

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This tragedy launched a socioeconomic and evolutionary transformation in Europe that changed the course of history.

So many were struck down and so rapidly, that it was long thought that the Black Death killed indiscriminately.

Plague ships soon reached busy ports in France, Spain, and Norway, off-loading their deadly cargo at each stop.

The plague arrived in England on or about May 8, 1348, at Melcombe Regis, traveling on a ship that had left Bordeaux a few weeks earlier.

Where travel is highly restricted and populations are small, deadly diseases tend to burn themselves out fairly quickly.

But where the disease can be spread easily to new areas, with a new supply of victims, efforts to contain such pandemics are far more difficult.

The epidemic is mentioned in historical documents shortly before June 24 of that year.

The disease reached London in August 1348 and reached epidemic proportions by the end of September. By 1351, the pandemic had died down, but whole villages and their fields were empty of inhabitants; cottages and houses sat vacant; many crops had rotted in the field for lack of labor to harvest them; stock animals died, unfed and unwatered, for lack of human care.

of the mid-1500s depicts the social upheaval brought on by the bubonic plague in medieval Europe, beginning in the 1300s.

The skeletons represent death in its inevitability and creativity of means.


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