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Strat Pad claims over 100,000 businesses are currently using its service.

Enloop is another free option for those seeking a single business plan.

gives a quick overview of what works and what doesn't.

Having complete control over the numbers and the business plan has been instrumental in being able to raise funds from investors.

I say, “It gives you,” but really it’s just a template for managing your own thoughts.

In the same way that a blueprint is the physical manifestation of a building plan, a business plan is the physical manifestation of your business goals.

What are you going to bring to the marketplace that no one else is providing or how are you going to provide an existing product in a “better” fashion? Even if you’re just going to be making websites in your bedroom, you’ll need some money for internet access, food, and some software or hosting.

It helps you focus in on the things that you do best and it gives you metrics to determine what your success looks like.

There are a few different versions, depending on how many business plans you want to make, but for one plan, you can get a free account.

As an additional little bonus, if you happen to teach business at a high school or university, Strat Cloud has a free version of its Unlimited offering.


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