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As a result, J&B plans to research and develop software that will automatically construct a new or expanding businesses' forecasted income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, ratios, and break-even point.Individuals would simply fill in an "assumptions section" and their computer would automatically develop the above forecasted statements and analysis.

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Selling Advertising Space J&B's initial software product as well as future training products can be used as an adverting media for various organizations, businesses and financial institutions.

For instance, a national office equipment manufacturer such as "Canon" may buy advertising space from J&B.

The idea concept has already been developed, however, further research is needed to determine its feasibility.

Internet Web-Site J&B will create a Web-Page that will be used in the initial stages to promote the Company's initial product.

As the Company grows, however, we plan to expand our web-page content to possibly include such items as an entrepreneurship newsgroup, problem solving cases, a small business publicity column, downloadable software, business tips, training in business mathematics, on-line business trivia, an on-line business board game, an on-line business simulator, an on-line surveying newsgroup, and an equity investors' newsgroup.

These augmented products will be closely reviewed and researched to determine their feasibility.Any national business, organization, or financial instruction whose products or services are geared towards new and existing business owners would benefit from buying advertising space on our training software.For instance, in the above example, Canon would see the benefit in advertising on our training software since new and existing businesses require office equipment.Computer manufacturers, software manufacturers, telecommunication services, office supply retailers, automobile manufacturers, national economic development organizations, credit card companies, transportation and delivery services, banks, national law firms, insurance firms, and accounting firms all rely on new and existing businesses and therefore may see the benefit in advertising on our training software.Please refer to Appendix # 8 for a listing of potential advertisers.Sample Business Plans Most aspiring entrepreneurs have never developed or even seen a business plan in its entirety.As a result, many of these individuals seek-out sample business plans to help them in creating their own.Forecasting Financial Statements Software Many people find forecasting financial statements a tedious and difficult task.Although, the Company's initial product provides users with detailed training on how to construct forecasted financial statements, it does not, however, alleviate the excessive time required in developing such statements.Participants of the simulation would be given complete details of the industry, the product being sold, simulation parameters and all restrictions placed on the industry as a whole.Each week, for example, participants would fill out "Decision Sheets" which essentially outlines their company's strategies in terms of inventory control, quality control, hiring and firing, maintenance, advertising, etc.


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