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Plan BI activities, KPIs and key dates across different areas of your business.Try this template Quickly capture the BI activities happening under different verticals, and the goals driving those activities.

I’ll show you how to solve this data problem in this article.

You’ll learn how to develop a sound business intelligence strategy, build a team, and get real insight from data. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a two-person freelance team or a 500-person agency, if you are selling something, you’re also accumulating data related to it. In the course of its operations, this agency produces a lot of data, such as: Without a sound BI strategy, all this data would remain siloed.

You’re not going to get far with a BI initiative if you don’t have a clear agreement between stakeholders and a unified vision.

In particular, there should be clear alignment between your BI strategy and corporate strategy.

Although they might differ from business to business, the fundamentals of any business intelligence strategy remain the same.

Namely: As we’ll show you below, this is a multi-step process.The purpose of business intelligence is to turn this data into actionable insight.In Gartner’s most recent survey of CIOs, BI/data analysis emerged as the number one concern for all respondents, significantly edging out more “buzzwordy” initiatives such as automation.Big Data, on the other hand, is where you use different processes to draw insight from large volumes of data. Two different data analysts can draw entirely different insight from the same data set.Your Google Analytics dashboard is an example of business intelligence.The Big Data revolution has transformed entire industries.The agency business, however, seems to be curiously unaffected by it.It doesn’t help that wrangling useful data out of the systems agencies use isn’t always easy.Throw in a lack of executive buy-in and talent shortage and you have the present situation.Try this template Business Intelligence (BI) roadmaps are used by business intelligence managers and their teams to help visualize all areas of BI, including analytics, adoption, data and training.Quickly plan how BI will be used across your organization to improve efficiency and maximize performance.


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