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You should also make it clear what sort of hours & skills both you (and your business partners) are going to contribute. You can start with benchmarks & examples from other cafe businesses (a sample is included in the business plan kit) – but it’s wise to run your numbers by people who have done it before.

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According to Crimson Cup, the cost of opening a coffee shop ranges from $80,000 to $250,000.

Aside from the financial load, there are many other considerations to be made before pursuing the endeavor.

The example below (from the business plan template) breaks down customers into segments based on who they are (demographics) and what “occasion” (time of day, circumstance) you can fulfil.

Now we have an idea of who they are, let’s have a look at what the competition is doing If you already have an exact location lined up, go ahead and take a look at which customer segments your closest competitors are looking after.

Consider this article to be a comprehensive checklist and resource compilation to better inform your coffee shop planning should you decide to take the plunge.

Teachers provide rubrics to their students at the start of the semester to ensure they know everything that is expected of them. No one likes writing them, very few people even want to read them…but they can be vital for the success of a new business. Because as you write down your plans on a page, the process makes you to think critically about the how viable your concept really is.It makes you answer hard questions like: In my view, a simple, no-nonsense cafe business plan needs the following 5 sections: Start by answering the most important, and often most difficult question: why are you doing this?Some questions to ask all the partners involved in the business are: Is this for life, or are we planning to sell at some stage?How many years before we take a look at our options? In theory, starting a coffee shop sounds like a fun idea, but it’s no small investment. saying they need coffee to start their day, it makes sense that you’re considering starting a coffee shop. Statistic Brain cites that Americans spend 18 dollars annually (billion - with a "B") on their beloved brews.Similarly, a coffee shop's business plan is an organizational outline to ensure future success.It helps you map your vision for your coffee shop and will include pieces like your competition, staffing hierarchy, marketing plan, policies, operations overview, and accounting strategy. In choosing a location for your coffee shop, you’ll want to consider factors like rent cost, competitor locations, neighborhood trends, target market, visibility, size of the site, previous tenants, and even your gut feeling.Identify those things that you can focus on to help you stand out.Remember, you don’t have to please everyone, but you do need to be completely amazing for the customers you’re targeting.


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