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After you’ve completed Sections 2–9, return to the Executive Summary section and write a brief explanation of the following topics: The Company Description is the section where you’ll highlight the different facets of your business — starting with your pitch and your goals.We addressed many of the questions about what your truck does and who it will serve in the first few lessons of “How to Start a Food Truck,” and we’ll talk more about goal-setting in next week’s post.

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Once you’re ready to complete this section, here are a few questions to answer: In the Market Analysis, you’ll explain your knowledge of the food truck industry and report on any research you’ve completed.

Be sure to include any data or statistics you have and explain how you arrived at the answers.

If you’re presenting your business plan to an investor, keep in mind that spelling, punctuation, and your writing style matter immensely.

Investors will judge your business plan by the information you include and by the way you share it.

Use these questions to get started: Every successful food truck shares the same main ingredient — loyal customers.

In the Marketing and Sales section, you’ll explain how you’re going to get them.Here’s what you need to include: Note: For most entrepreneurs, this section involves a lot of guesswork.That’s okay as long as you clearly indicate where you’re making assumptions and how you’re arriving at your figures.Though an appendix is not required, it is a good way to present your most important records to potential investors and to collect the information for yourself.Your appendix might include: We’ve tackled a lot of sizable topics throughout the “How to Start a Food Truck” series, but writing a business plan is undoubtedly one of the biggest.Writing a business plan will take some time, and you’ll probably need to think about a lot of areas of your food truck business that hadn’t even occurred to you yet.That’s okay — you don’t need to have all the answers right now.Consider these questions: Next up is the Organization and Management section — the place in your business plan where you’re going to explain who’s on your team and what each person’s roles and responsibilities include.Be as specific as possible while answering these questions: In the Services and Products section, you get to highlight all of the tasty goodness your food truck has to offer.Your business plan is a great place to run the numbers and develop a clear picture of what it’s going to take to succeed in this tough industry, and it’s also a fantastic way to show potential investors and business partners that you’re really serious about your truck.We firmly believe that every Food Truckr needs a business plan, so we also created a free worksheet to accompany our original post.


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