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Participants in the performance events should be aware the national association reserves the right to record any performance for use in study or training materials.

FBLA encourages chapters to cooperate on projects during the year; however, each chapter involved in the project must write and submit an independent report.

For example, a rubric for auditing the effectiveness of management may include performance categories that reviews efficiencies in budgeting, work sequencing or controlling inventory.

Alternatively, a business rubric template form might list sales forecasts or output goals for comparison against actual performance.

The general event guidelines below are applicable to all national competitive events.

Please review and follow these guidelines when competing at the national level.Vanessa Cross has practiced law in Tennessee and lectured as an adjunct professor on law and business topics. She has also contributed as a business writer to news publications, including the "Chicago Tribune," and published in peer-reviewed academic journals. The maximum number of winners for each competitive event is 10.Only one (1) award is given to the schools competing in chapter events (American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, and Partnership with Business Project).Business rubric assessments are also used in developing production reports for a company.List each factor necessary to evaluate performance for a particular business process.For example, a business rubric can assess business strategies used in marketing plans.Buying habits, preferences and needs of various elements of a company's market are some of the key concepts that may be organized on a rubric for weighing alternatives.Certain events may allow the use of additional materials. FBLA‑PBL meets the criteria specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act for all participants who submit a special needs form.No unauthorized audio or video recording devices will be allowed in any competitive event.


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