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In my case, there once was a sweet, well-behaved, straw-blonde kid with a quiet affection for books, and a secret desire to be the spiky-haired, mischievous Calvin.Calvin who terrorized his parents, invented hilarious games with no rules, rebelled against his babysitter, and brought snow monsters to life. Calvin, who transformed into Stupendous Man or Spaceman Spiff, and whose backyard crossed three state lines, and whose wagon flew through the air.

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Just like the hidden political symbols in , morality is all about living in the moment.

At least until Hobbes steps in to pop Calvin's bubble.

In the title story, stitched together from strips that appeared between December 31, 1990 and January 19, 1991, Calvin believes he has brought a snowman to life.

This snowman goes on to build an army that terrorizes the neighborhood.

anthologies sat unread at home on the highest shelf of my parents’ living room bookcase for almost ten years.

My father sent them to me last week, and when they arrived in a beat-up box lined with tennis ball cans (don’t ask), I couldn’t even think of the last time I flipped through , which I remember getting at one of my elementary school’s book fairs.

Watterson constantly fought with Universal Press Syndicate and newspapers to get more space, and to break the rigid rules of comic strip formats in order to formally explore Calvin’s imagination.

As a result, no daily comic in wide circulation during the Nineties provided such regular and creative insights into a child’s interior life.

I think that’s how life works.” We see the world through Calvin’s eyes.

This perspective distinguishes the strip from , in which adults talk like adults.


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