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It also means you’ll have the chance to look over your work and make sure you’re satisfied with what you’re turning into the admissions committee.Ultimately, the essays are a window into who you are.

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She covered business schools and all aspects of management education for what became Bloomberg Businessweek from May 2004 to December 2013.

Di Meglio was the consultant editor for the book Admitted: An Interactive Workbook for Getting into a Top MBA Program (85 Broads Publishing, 2011), which was written by admissions consultant Betsy Massar.

“They are a great opportunity for you to look inward and think about your goals, who you would like to be on campus, and more broadly, who you would like to be in the world.”In addition to finding yourself, you will be explaining who you are to the admissions committee. Just as it was in kindergarten, honesty remains the best policy.“Our essay asks you to describe your biggest commitment, which is an inherently personal question,” says Laurel Grodman, director of Admissions, Analytics, and Evaluation at Yale School of Management.

Take a deep breath and give great thought to what you want to reveal. “Use this opportunity to speak in your own voice about something that really matters to you, and to which you’ve dedicated your significant time and talents.But admissions committees will write you off if your essay is riddled with grammatical errors or typos. After looking at the same page over and over, you sometimes miss even silly errors that fresh eyes will see.Aside from those kinds of mistakes, however, another person can offer advice on the content itself.Schools want to know what it is about their program that attracts you.They also want to determine if you’re a good fit for their particular program. Write a personalized essay that addresses their nuanced question and includes information demonstrating you know the program and why you should be accepted to it. Rushing is not an option with business school applications.Going to business school – especially in a full-time program – means uprooting your life, becoming a student again, and investing lots of time and money. Considering how to respond to various application essay questions is an opportunity to contemplate your motivations, the schools in question, and what you bring to the table. “Every candidate will have different strengths, and even those of you with similar backgrounds may have vastly different goals or different reasons why Columbia is a good fit for you.” Schools want to get to know the real you. They’ve been at this a long time, so they will see through hyperbole, or flat out lies, designed to make you look better.You should look at the essays as a blessing, rather than a hindrance.“Essays are more than just a box to check on the application,” says Emily French Thomas, director of admissions at Columbia Business School. Forget about telling them what you think they want to hear.Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.“A great essay is one that you could show to your mom or a close friend and they would recognize you in it,” says French Thomas.While this advice is sound, also consider asking for a second opinion from someone who isn’t so close to you, someone who can offer a completely objective opinion.


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