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Referencing a picture, painting or sculpture is often necessary, however, especially when it is used as a source of information.Use MLA style, one of the most popular standardized styles in academic writing, to ensure your references are consistent and correct.Type the artist's last name, followed by the artwork's name, in the main body of the text. Integrate these elements so that they flow with the rest of the text.

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Write the artist's name with the surname first and the first name last, placing a comma in between them and a period at the end.

Add them to the end of the research paper in the list of works cited.

For example, the artwork might be oil on canvas, marble or lithograph on paper.

Write the collection or the museum where the artwork is displayed, type a comma, then give the name of the city. In some instances, the collection may be unknown or unwilling to be identified.

American Psychological Association suggests quotes that are 40 words or more, and Chicago Manual of Style suggests quotes of 100 words or more should be formatted as block quotes.

For APA and CMS styles, block quotes are generally indented a half inch from the left margin; MLA style requires a one-inch indentation from the left margin.This indentation is maintained for the entire quote.In all styles, do not place quotation marks around the quote; also, the in-text citation appears after the final punctuation of the quote.In this case type the phrase Private collection without a city name. He has written for student newspapers, "The Old Exonian" and "Bath Impact," as well as his local newspaper, "Gazette and Herald." Telford holds a Master of Science in chemistry from the University of Bath.Quotations can give some breath and life to a research paper, when used appropriately.If your interview quote is long, you will need to format it as a block quote.In Modern Language Association format, quotes that take up more than four lines of your paper must be set as a block quote.Arrange the entire list alphabetically according to the last names of the authors and artists of the referred works.Type the title of the piece being referenced in italics after the artist's name. Write the year of the work's creation and put a period at the end. to stand for "no date." Type the medium of the image and put a period at the end.If you mentioned the interviewee’s name in the sentence, you do not need to reiterate it with a parenthetical citation.In CMS style, citations of unpublished interviews ideally occur in text or in notes.


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