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Therefore, the role of prerequisites for developing boy's language and communication skills was also subject of this research.

All submissions of the EM system will be redirected to Online Manuscript Submission System.Authors are requested to submit articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission System of respective journal.Received date: February 19, 2019; Accepted date: March 26, 2019; Published date: April 05, 2019 Citation: Kabashi L, Kaczmarek L (2019) Educating a Child with Down Syndrome in an Inclusive Kindergarten Classroom. Vol.5 No.2:4 This case study describes the journey of a kindergartner with Down Syndrome in an inclusive classroom.Down syndrome; Child; Inclusion; Kindergarten Over the last decade, more children with disabilities are receiving more of their education in regular classroom settings.According to the most recent Annual Report to Congress [1], 81.4% of children with disabilities, ages 6-21 years of age, spent at least 40% of their school day in the regular education classroom with 63.1% of those spending at least 80% time there.The child’s improvements in various areas of development as a result of inclusion in the kindergarten classroom are discussed.Finally, investigating the efficacy of inclusion for children with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities is recommended for further research.This case study focuses on the ongoing physical therapy management of Carrie, a child with Down syndrome.Carrie has received physical therapy services from the age of 4 weeks to the present.Each case of a child with Down syndrome is specific because it is directly related to the environment the child grows up in, develops, lives and learns.Although many conditions about Down syndrome tend to generalize the condition, particular characteristics are specific and depend on environment.


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