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191), for example looking for the departure time and gate of a flight at the airport or our train at the train station.The scanning practice task I would use is a series of questions for which the answers consists of one or two words like a name, number, date, etc.Cambridge CELTA Written Assignments Evaluation Assignment 3-Language Skills Related Tasks 1.

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| | | |Individual |Click the link for the Final Examination on the student website available from the end of understanding of environmental and social issues related to food service and hospitality.

Critical evaluation and problem-solving skills help students make decisions in light of Gospel values with an informed moral conscience.

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(Receptive Skills: Sub-skills CELTA Course handout)(See appendix 1). Reading for detailed understanding is a type 2 skill that the students use after they have had practice on the type 1 skills (skimming and scanning).

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Type 2 skills involve studying a text in more depth to find the details of the situation (how did it happen, intention of the writer, deducing meaning of unknown words from the context, etc) (Harmer, The Practice of English Language, 1991, pp. The activity I would use to practice this skill is a simple questionnaire with true or false questions. This article is not appropriate for my current TP group (elementary) as it makes use of very colloquial language, phrasal verbs, and tenses that are not appropriate for their level. Use coupon code "ESLPR" on registration for discount! Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.IT7400 Assessments – Assignment 2-2 3 Assessment Criteria for Written Assignments ‘A’ Grade Description Ideas and  Excels in understanding responding to assessment tasks  Interesting; demonstrates development of complex ideas  Appropriately weekly statistics problems, students will submit individual assignments in weeks 1- 10. For assignment format and organization, refer to the descriptions in the section “class schedule/assignments due” above.Remington’s Project: The major project, the centerpiece, in this course is the Remington’s Restaurant Project, which is due week 10.You must attach the signed and completed form to your assignment. 5 Syllabus content University of Phoenix Material Preparation for Learning Team Assignments Worksheet The ability to work collaboratively with others is a critical skill in the human services field.If you gain an unfair advantage or collude in any way whatsoever (other than on joint assignments) you are liable to be disqualified. You could lose marks if you exceed the recommended word count by more than 10%. Resources endorsed by Cambridge go through a detailed quality assurance process and are written to align closely with the Cambridge syllabus they support. Learning Team assignments will help you prepare for this challenge by requiring effective communication, timely management of tasks and deadlines, and cooperative problem solving.Unit 2: The Scope of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Description This unit introduces students to the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Students are to submit a Group Member Appraisal form to ensure total participation of each member and a plagiarism statement. Referencing and bibliography are expected if any part of your assignment is borrowed from after evaluation.Students investigate facts and myths and become aware of the range of be type written using Times New Roman font (size 12) with line spacing of 1.5. It is compulsory to submit your assignments to Safeassign. Pass Criteria | P1.1 | P1.2 | P1.3 | P2.1 | P2.2 | P2.3 | P2.4 | P3.1 | P3.2 | P3.3 | P3.4 | P4.1 | P4.2 | P4.3 | P4.4 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Merit grades awarded | M1 | | M2 | | M3 | | | Distinction grades awarded | D1 | | D2 | | D3 | | | Assessor’s | | Name: | Signature: | Date: __/__/__ | | This is the cover sheet for your assignment.Getting the students to skim will lead them to get the general idea of the content of the text, and "is highly motivating and successful since it interests students, creates expectations, and gives them a purpose for reading" (Harmer, The Practice of English Language, 1991, p. The time given for the practice of skimming (and scanning) should be kept short so students do not get tempted to read slowly and try to understand every word of the text. It is important that ESL students understand that there is no need to comprehend all the vocabulary and grammatical structures in a text; important information can be acquired even if the learners do not understand all the words.If this is done every time the teacher sets a skimming or scanning task, the students will get faster and will become more efficient readers (Harmer, The Practice of English Language, 1991, p. The students need to be trained in scanning (and skimming) as these are skills used in many situations in real life (Harmer, The Practice of English Language, 1991, p.


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