Censorship Research Paper

Censorship Research Paper-70
Operating as data-intensive distributors of content, internet corporations translate participation into a source of control and value generation.Popular platforms thrive on intensive engagement, but what happens when their distinctive experiential affordances noticeably change?Site unblocker online to unblock any website and bypass Filters made by Administrations and Governments where they block sites to not be used or opened on their Networks.

Website unblocker online Smart HTTP Proxy to Bypass Filters made by Administrations and...

In my CAIS project,​ I explore the latest transformations in the community- and algorithm-driven networks revolving around the social micro-blogging site Tumblr.

Adapting (visual) digital methods to follow hashtags and memes that were shared in the aftermath of “Tumblr purge”, I approach platforms as mediators of conflicting business models, lifestyle practices, and political interests.

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